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Lotta Skincare is the culmination of years of making and testing my own homemade skincare products. Upon starting my degree I realised I could no longer afford to buy the high-end products I’d been using. I decided to search for an alternative and became fascinated by the use of natural skincare products. Studying chemistry at university opened my eyes to the wide range of chemicals used in making conventional skincare products – I was shocked and immediately began to formulate my own. It has taken me months of work to find preservatives and emulsifiers that are gentle on the skin and if possible, naturally derived. My formulations are the result of hours in the kitchen and many failed attempts! I am excited to share the results with you and hope you will love my products as much as I do.  Charlotte xx



> Night Owl - replenishing floral facial oil

> Light Facial Lotion - hydrating moisturiser

>Wild Rose Botanical Mist - soothing facial toner

>Rose & Almond Body Butter - luxury body cream

>Botanical Beauty Balm - herbal moisturising salve


Please visit my online Etsy Shop for further detailed product information and pricing. I'm constantly inovating and developing new products - so stay tuned for new releases!



I love to run natural skincare workshops and demonstrations. Our popular bath and body workshop is suitable for groups of 4-8 people. Demonstrations and mini-bath workshops can be adapted for larger groups. For more information please do get in touch and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can!